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Virtual Tools for Clients

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Albridge provides clients with a current, complete, and consolidated view of their assets. Albridge Wealth Reporting Statements can be accessed anytime from anywhere in the world.



WealthscapeWealthscape Investor is Fidelity’s workstation allows clients to access their investment account information, create a watchlist, market snapshots, download statements and tax documents, and remotely deposit checks (if approved on the platform). 

DOWNLOAD PDF: Easy Wealthscape Investor User Setup


EmoneyeMoney provides clients with a real-time, on-demand financial experience through setting budgets and tracking financial goals, aggregating investment and banking accounts, and advanced financial planning tools.

Important Tax and Regulatory Information. Your resource to find regulatory and supplemental information from National Financial Services LLC (NFS).


Zoom2Zoom offers a way to maintain face-to-face meetings virtually through video conferencing via a secure link as well as dial-in options for phone calls. Ability to share screens with clients and record meetings if needed. Free version with option to upgrade.

Video Tutorial - How to Use Zoom for First Time Users

Our glossary of terms has more than 200 entries that explain various financial concepts, ideas, and strategies. Scroll through and find the information you need.

Our collection of calculators is a great starting point if you have a question or concern about your personal finances. Click on a calculator to begin.

Our tax center was designed to help you access the resources you may need to prepare for the upcoming tax season. Click on the link to find tax tools and information